What is the perspective equation of reading letter-forms today? Monylop is a new monospaced lettertype for 2020. Each character vector point in Monylop is rounded up to the nearest 5, even on bézier curves of which are refrained from snapping, taking the polynomial discriminative span to certain degree.₁ A Family sum, Family as one.


Monospace typefaces were originally designed to fit the basic sequencing mechanics of typewriters, which allowed for easy editing capabilities, space requirement calculation and alignment for drawing tables.₂
2.  In 1961, IBM Office Products Division released the Selectric typewriter, a digital-to-analog converter system with interchangeable ‘typeball’ elements. A motor drives the type-head across the page, encoded in binary, to print the 6-Bit character data-sequence. Within a few years, IBM Selectric became the most popular typewriter due to its ease in typing (and erasing).
3.  In 1964 IBM introduced the Selectric with magnetic tape in order to record, store and retype data. Word-processing from a computer in Syntax mark-up language later allowed for typesetting via graphical user-interface software.
4.  Dyson and Holdsworth write ‘Mil is an important communication channel for certain kinds of message […] Mils are sent to managers in two different forms. The first is a typed paper document and the second is a screen document on PROFS’.₃

5.Type suitcases were the only way Mac OS and macOS could recognise font families before OS X. They were used to save Random-Access-Memory, (because a font is a small software-programme), a suitcase allowed for more fonts (and styles) to be open at once because Mac OS saw it as one item. They also held Apple-specific information.
6.  Today type suitcases have become unnecessary because computers have more RAM. The standard font format .dfont file-extension replaced suitcases, to keep all styles in a single file. TTF (TrueTypeFont) datafork resource map dfont files, were upgraded to TTC (TrueTypeCollection) format in order to reach today’s standard of combining more styles and multiple fonts into a single file.
7.  Monylop considers traditions of design theory in clarity to maximise functionality. Its high density stroke variant is minimised to a 25% difference, with exaggerations where desired. The cursive counterpart interrupts the reception, split once, all strokes are repelled from their origin, yet remain in monospace.

Modern Font Family Suitcase
by D. G. Millhouse



1. On exact simulation algorithms for some distributions related to Brownian motion and Brownian meanders. Luc Devroye, 2009.
2. American E. Remmington first put the typewriter on the market in 1874, inspired by a British machine. His design only supported upper-case.
3. PROFS, a terminal for messaging in a ‘paperless office’.
An evaluation of communication strategies within IBM Havant Plant. Mary C Dyson and Fran Holdsworth, 1987.