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The Monylop Principle is the mnemonic processing standard, from construction to orchestration, of all D. G. M. digital letterforms. The Monylop typeface is primary source to this alignment, all typefaces published after Monylop implement the negotiation. All vector path points of each glyph for each character are set manually to the nearest 5 on a metrics grid of 1000 UPM (Units Per eM), including on all beziér curves.

Quantised amplification of prescribed set values.

2.The derivative of ƒ(x)=5 is 0. This up-tempo drawing method, increased render rate and raster precision pushes aside common design attitudes of ‘workflow’ – the act of reason before initialisation, a disregard for path directorship and contentment. Under the rule of Monylop, vector path destination points are prescribed by machine – a (solitary) variable locus ratio where de-sign falls secondary to the formula and in most cases relies on a conventional model for visual legibility.
3.  As to the affect and outcome of such formulæ, remains to be seen. Purpose is constantly at the interval of the domain and in due course may, or not, reveal itself.


Monylop was first to implement this computation in 2019.

Available in print, of which includes an overview of the entire Monylop-Regular typeface character-set, at 6pt.