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As mistrust of internet safety and surveillance escalates, as is the necessity to fully express security and well-being in online etiquette and respect. This website is certified secure and proudly denies the implementation of any cookies, data-tracking/statistic analytical databases or any third party publishing platform. The list below describes features located around the website, encouraging visitors to engage in an independent, sufficient visit.


  —  D. G. M. Typographics™ broadcasts via RSS and through Newsletters to inform its audience. RSS feeds are a way to keep updated with new content and news, without succumbing to social media giants. RSS is a form of online publishing, updates usually appear as a simple text-based list either accessible via browser add-on widgets or other xml parser. RSS is a far more organised, interesting and private way to map feeds comparing to social media corporations who monitor (even via many external websites if still logged-in), edit, exploit and tamper ‘user experience’. By clicking on the RSS symbol on davidmillhouse.com, you will be shuttled to the raw RSS xml file which your chosen means of parsing will subscribe and refer to.
  Alternatively you can subscribe to the electronic mailing list by sending an email or sms to D. G. M. Typographics™ or subscribing to the Newsletter.   Furthermore, by stating your postal address you will receive accomplishments in print free of charge.

001/50. © Date  —  Found top-right, this line of text refers to the specific site-content number, the quantity of paragraphs, copyright and date published (day/month/year). Paragraph numbers are displayed to the left of each indented paragraph, yet remain invisible on handheld smartphone devices.

₁ ₂ ₃ ₄ ₅  —  Inferior numerals function throughout the texts on this website. Their button behaviour performs to and fro with matching notes situated beneath the body-text and demonstrates the beauty of interative typography.

  —  Eastward arrow buttons offer links to related or additional content to the text prior to. These links keep traffic within the website only.
  Can also be found at the bottom of each page as a link to the websites previous item in chronological order.

  —  Westward arrow buttons at the bottom of each page link to the websites next item in chronological order.

  —  North-westward arrow buttons revert traffic to the Welcome page.

  —  North-eastward arrow buttons open local mailto providers for direct emailing.

[Fig]  —  Fig solo buttons offer in-house raw links to related imagery concerning the text prior to.

[1] [2] [3] [4] [5]  —  Fig numbers reference on-page corresponding imagery to the text prior to.

External hyperlinks are classified in italics only and indicate the full web address.

  —  Email buttons open specific subject-based pop-email pages, via your computer email provider.

  —  Invert click boxes are situated bottom-left on some typeface specific pages, Oracidae for example.