David G. Millhouse
by Michel Amet, Paris 2019.

D. Gareth Millhouse, B.A., M.A.

Draws letterforms as more than ‘something to read’ since 1994 on the grounds of learning free speech. Works as an undertaker. Reads first book Minima Moralia at 24 while raising a boy for 12. Completes M.A. in Sequential Design at Brighton University in 2006. Publishes three issues of G. from 2007, sold primarily on Savile Row, London. Launches issue 3 from Frankfurt am Main [Fig]. Releases first TrueType font in 2008 as major part of desistant studies. 2012–2016 lives in Paris. Speaks with students from Gerrit Rietveld Academie (Paris office visit), Willem de Kooning Rotterdam, Portsmouth University and Southampton/Winchester School of Art on the subject of Typography on #. Moves to Brussels Grand Sablon monastic site in 2016. Pickpocketed of Earl Gris Vert on Paris Métro, retrieves it. Studies M.A. Type Design in 2019 at Reading University while hearing Shostakovich’s Symphony no.5 in D.Minor, Op.47 and declares self-tuition one month before lockdown. Releases Monylop font in 2020, as well as Oracidae. All fonts operating on this website, as well as the website itself, are designed and constructed by David G. Millhouse.



‘First it must be borne in mind that a fine book is more than “something to read”. The amateur looks for character in printing’. Four Centries of Fine Printing, 12, Stanley Morison 1924 (Ernest Benn Limited, London, Revised Octavo 1949).
Minima Moralia: Reflexionen aus dem beschädigten Leben / Reflections on a Damaged Life. Theodor W. Adorno, 1951 (Verso Books; (Radical Thinkers), translated by E. F. N. Jephcott, Reprint 2005).
  Read the essay entitled Family Volume
The workshop entitled #Hash in 2014 at Rotterdam’s Willem de Kooning Academy gave students a progressive outlook from the baseline-grid in relation to societal policy and courtliness.
Earl Grey tea is named after Prime Minister Charles Grey. In 1833 his government abolished slavery throughout the British Empire. Prior to that, trader of slaves turned abolitionist rector from 1780—1807 appends Rev John Newton of Nicolas Hawksmoor’s St. Mary’s Woolnoth [Fig]
The fonts are as follows — Monylop , Oracidae and Caesura. If by viewing this website via a smartphone one may notice the spiral pattern on the Welcome index page, appearing much like a classic telephone wire. This is part of a typeface with is currently under development. The original intention of the telephone as a channel of human dialogue of the spoken kind, in comparison to (often idle) text-based correspondence from the same device.


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D. G. M. Typographics™ offers font Licencing for both digital/analog purposes and accepts specific requests for independent commissions.
David G. Millhouse works closely with his clients to ensure fulfillment on all fronts, this may include customisation/editing of certain glyphs, file-extension classification and/or extended character-sets.
D. G. M. Typographics™ does not have a webshop. This is not due to implemetation issues but rather towards a bespoke manner of correspondence and contentment. Due to past experience, D. G. M. Typographics™ believes a webshop has its disadvantages, ‘exchange’ should converge regardless of cashflow, especially in the name of typography.

A standard Licence usually states as follows –

F O N T   S O F T W A R E
E N D - U S E R   L I C E N C E   P O L I C Y    A G R E E M E N T

ISSUED BY: David G. Millhouse at D. G. M. Typographics™.
DESIGNER: David G. Millhouse.
David G. Millhouse of D. G. M. Typographics™ keeps all records confidential and does not share them with any third party.

©. 2020 David G. Millhouse, All Rights Reserved.


By obtaining this licence and installing the font you understand and agree to the following regulations in this contract.

Please get in contact if you have any queries. David G. Millhouse: email@davidmillhouse.com | +44 (0) 7516 605 726

1. Once you have purchased a font, you have permission to use it however the font does not belong to you (the licencee policyholder). You have obtained font software permission by licence, not the typeface itself. This font software may be subject to a version update, the policyholder will be informed and expected to replace the prior version.

2. David G. Millhouse of D. G. M. Typographics™ has the right to cancel this licence and the right to use the font whenever deems necessary.

3. The policyholder (or any other party) will not print the font without written permission from David G. Millhouse.

4. One licence authorises use of the font software on up to 2 computers belonging to the policyholder.

5. The software must be cleared from any external storage drives after use.

6. The policyholder must have written permission to duplicate/share the font in any way possible.

7. The policyholder not sublet, sell, lend or lease the font software.

8. Written permission must be obtained from David G. Millhouse before sending the font software to any third party. This may be necessary for PostScript printing.

9. It is forbidden to pass the font onto any companies including print/post-production companies. For vector files you must >Create Outlines on the font-specific text within your file before exporting for print.

10. Written permission must be obtained from David G. Millhouse before crediting fonts and/or the designer via media channels on/offline or any other form of crediting.

11. It is forbidden to store the font on a server including clouds, online and offline networks, including servers.

12. The policyholder will not upload the font onto internet servers. This font is currently not for web use.

13. The policyholder will not send the font via WeTransfer or any other file-transfer provider.

14. The policyholder agrees with the number and selection of characters in each font.

15. The policyholder will not edit or create characters for the font. Additional characters/glyphs may be requested from David G. Millhouse.

16. In any accidental, incidental, consequential damages or loss of the software David G. Millhouse will not be held liable, including any lost profits, lost savings or data viruses.

17. This licence must not be edited or shared.

18. Only David G. Millhouse and the policyholder hold right to print this licence for their own purposes.

19. This licence proves guarantee for the policyholder to renew the licence at the same price as when first obtained from David G. Millhouse.

20. This contract expires in X years from when issued, stated above.


Failure to comply to the regulations may result in legal action.