D. G. M. Typographics™ is the atelier of typewright David G. Millhouse and is located in the medieval city center of Amsterdam, Holland. 9:30am to 5:30pm, Monday to Friday*. E: email@davidmillhouse.com  T: +44 (0) 7516 605 726

Services include the construction of fully bespoke typefaces, corporate identities, visual direction and websites.

David G. Millhouse M. A. M7LLH.
B. 1982 in Portsmouth, England.

Draws letterform contours as more than ‘something to read’ since 1994. Works as an undertaker. Builds first website in 1999 at sixteen years of age and leaves home. Awarded Bachelor of Arts from the university of Portsmouth in 2004. Sunday’s volunteer at Fort Nelson. Reads Minima Moralia at twenty-four whilst raising a child for twelve. Attains M. A. in Sequential Design at Brighton University in 2006. Publishes three issues of G. from 2007, sold primarily on Savile Row, London. Launches issue three from Frankfurt am Main [Fig]. Releases first TrueType typeface in 2008. 2012–2016 lives in Paris. Guest speaks with students from Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Willem de Kooning Rotterdam, Portsmouth University and Southampton/Winchester School of Art on the subject of Typography. Lives on Brussels Grand Sablon monastic site, 2016–2019. Pickpocketed of Earl Gris Vert on Paris Métro, retrieves it. Studies M. A. Type Design in 2019 at Reading University whilst hearing Shostakovich’s Symphony no.5 in D.Minor, Op.47, declares self-tuition one month before lockdown. Releases Monylop typeface in 2020, as well as Oracidae and Isospin. Opens Amsterdam studio in 2021 on Utrechtsestraat, relocates to the Red Light District a year later. Launches Diagram Editions™. 2022, delivers lecture at Graphische Werkplaats Amsterdam for Letterspace entitled The Scenic Route [Fig]. Becomes licenced to operate wireless radio in 2023 and determines CW Morse code as main mode of action.

David G. Millhouse
by Michel Amet



‘First it must be borne in mind that a fine book is more than “something to read”. The amateur looks for character in printing’. Four Centries of Fine Printing, 12, Stanley Morison 1924 (Ernest Benn Limited, London, Revised Octavo 1949).
Minima Moralia: Reflexionen aus dem beschädigten Leben / Reflections on a Damaged Life. Theodor W. Adorno, 1951 (Verso Books; (Radical Thinkers), translated by E. F. N. Jephcott, Reprint 2005).
  Read the essay entitled Family Volume
One-to-one mentorship for B. A. students at Winchester School of Art; The student workshop entitled #Hash in 2013 at Rotterdam’s Willem de Kooning Academy offered students a progressive outlook from the baseline-grid in relation to societal policy and courtliness; Student production of roughly two hundred and fifty cover studies in 1½ hours after a biographic lecture for Portsmouth Universities B. A. Illustration students, the Bachelors degree of D. G. M; Gerrit Rietveld Academie Designlab class visit the office of D. G. M. at Bastille, Paris in 2013; 2021 Pixel Party workshop for Gerrit Rietveld Academie students of Amsterdam, in collaboration with Viola Renate.
Earl Grey tea is named after Prime Minister Charles Grey. In 1833 his government abolished slavery throughout the British Empire. Prior to that, trader of enslaved people turned abolitionist rector from 1780—1807 appends Rev. John Newton of Nicolas Hawksmoor’s St. Mary’s Woolnoth, London [Fig].
  Read the essay entitled Between The Temples
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The Typefaces are as follows, Monylop , Sparring , Oracidae , Isospin , Bombe , Affaire , Portsea  and Caesura. Enquire on fount licencing annual subscription to The Collection.

This website has been built fully from scratch without the reliance of any corporate publishing platform. All typefaces operating and presented have been formulated by David G. Millhouse, consequentially accomplished and documented from the year 2020.

All typefaces remain independently distributed and are available via the Foundry. 

D. G. M. at Amsterdam HQ.
by Keiichi Sakakura © 2024

 All typefaces follow the Monylop Principle.



T H E   I N I T I A L   V O L U M E
D. G. M. Amsterdam, 2023


D. G. M. IO90, 2023

D. G. M. Amsterdam, 2022

D. G. M. Amsterdam, 2022

D. G. M. Hampshire, 2022

D. G. M. Amsterdam, 2022

by F. Leenhoff, 1898, bronze metal
Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam
Photograph and retouch (recast in mercury)
by D. G. M, © 2024


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